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GoldenGate Installation 

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Sample Extract, pump and Replicat GoldenGate process

Goldengate: Supplemental Logging

GoldenGate Checkpoint table 

12c: Oracle Goldengate wallet

Oracle GoldenGate: General Monitoring

Oracle GoldenGate: logdump utility

Oracle GoldenGate: Defgen utility

12c: Integrated GoldenGate Extract

converting classic Extract to Integrated Extract 

GoldenGate Integrated Replicat

Convert Classic Replicat to Integrated replicat 

Obey files GoldenGate 

GoldenGate co-ordinate Replicat

Delete Unused Process in Goldengate

GoldenGate Daily Patrol scripts on Servers

Migrating Oracle database using Goldengate

Query’s to monitor Integrated Extract#

Keygen # GoldenGate Password Encryption

Remove DDL replication # GoldenGate

What is lag in OGG ?

GoldenGate Extract : Bounded Recovery

Troubleshooting & Performance
Oracle GoldenGate: How to find out Transaction INFO?

How to Trace Goldengate process?

Goldengate replicat waiting for commit

OGG:Replicat with Handlecollisions

Adding Primary keys to table replicated by goldengate



Goldengate Replicat is running very slow

Goldengate Replicat's blocking itself


Goldengate Extract is not moving?

ERROR OGG-00446  Missing filename opening checkpoint file

ERROR  OGG-00665  OCI Error calling OCITransRollback 

ERROR  OGG-01028 Incompatible record : Bad record on trail

ERROR OGG-00446: error 13 (Permission denied) 

ERROR OGG-01028 Formatting error on: table

ERROR OGG-01232 Receive TCP params error: TCP/IP error 73 

ERROR 0GG-01031 There is a problem in network communication, a remote file problem

ERROR OGG-00870  Database error 942 (ORA-00942: table or view does not exist SQL select..

ERROR OGG-00446 Unable to lockfile 

ERROR OGG-10144 (ecbn.prm) line 6: Parameter [ASMPASSWORD] is not valid for this configuration.

ERROR OGG-06220 Classic Extract does not support multitenant container 

ERROR OGG-01224 Address already in use.

ERROR OGG-01668 problem at line 103.  Bad column definition: PREV_VDSL_UP_RATE

ERROR OGG-00665 OCI Error describe for query (status = 4031-ORA-04031 

ERROR OGG-00730 No minimum supplemental logging is enabled 

ERROR OGG-01755 Cannot register or unregister EXTRACT 

Replicat struck on trail # goldengate 

enable enable_goldengate_replication from

ERROR OGG-01091 Unable to open file # Replicat Abended

ERROR OGG-01031 There is a problem in network communication, a remote file problem

ERROR OGG-00664 OCI Error during OCIServerAttach (status = 12162-ORA-12162:

ERROR OGG-01161 Bad column index (17)

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