Oracle RAC & ASM

----Nikhil Tatineni----12c RAC--

12c: RAC Environment


12c: Mirror copy of OCR onto different asm diskgroup

12c: Pin Nodes On Cluster

12c: Oracle Local Registry(OLR)

12c: RAC Modify Default scan port Number

12c: Creating New Virtual IP to manager HA 

12c: Multiplex Voting Files on Oracle RAC 12c

12c: ACFS On RAC 12c

RAC: Creating service using "srvctl" on pdb

RAC Diagwait

creating OCM response file to apply patch # RAC cluster 

Maintainance #

12c: RAC Health Checks

12c: Applying Database Rolling Patch on RAC Cluster

Resize Online redolog files 

12c:converting database from No Archivelog mode to Archivelog Mode

12c: Monitoring Fusion Write RAC 

To find Master Node in RAC

Troubleshooting # 

12c: RAC Blocked Listener

CRS-4535 12C RAC Cluster “ Cannot communicate with Cluster Ready Services “ 

CRS-8503 12C RAC Cluster “ has a disk HB, but no network HB, DHB has rcfg “ 

--Nikhil Tatineni----12c RAC--