Monday, June 20, 2016

GoldenGate Checkpoint Table

Checkpoint table
Replicat maintains the position of trail in the checkpoint table on Oracle database. we can say that replicat add  a entry into the checkpoint table when  replicat applied last successful transaction applied on database. On operating system,  replicat process maintains a checkpoint file in “dirchk” directory. If the checkpoint file is corrupted, we can use information from checkpoint table and we can start replicat from where it is abended or stopped. Replicat consistently track and update information from the checkpoint file and checkpoint table and process transactions on database. 

Specifying a default checkpoint table in the GLOBALS file
Oracle always recommends,  to create checkpoint table in goldengate user schema 

Steps to create checkpoint table
GGSCI (nt4567) 25> dblogin userid ggsuser, PASSWORD XXXXXXXXX
Successfully logged into database.
GGSCI (nt4567) 26> add checkpointtable ggsuser.ckptab
Successfully created checkpoint table ggsuser.ckptab

--Note # when checkpoint table is corrupted, replicat fails on database. you can recreate checkpoint table. when we restart abended replicat, abended replicat uses checkpoint file and process transactions on database. There is no impact on database -

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