Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ERROR OGG-01705 Input checkpoint position 119195676...

Replicat Abended with following Error
ERROR   OGG-01705  Input checkpoint position 119195676 for input trail file '/opt/app/ggs/trails/af000047' is greater than the size of the file (119194872).  Please consult Oracle Knowledge Management Doc ID 1138409.1. for instructions.

Rootcause: Checkpoint is struck inside the trail and RBA keep on increasing and make Replicat Abended

Potential Fix: In-order to run fix replicat and avoid duplicate processing of records follow the steps as follows 
From report File 
A) 119195676 ( Check point Position on Trail ) 
B) 119194872 ( Size of the Trail ) 

In order to start Replicat We have to follow Formulae
Replicat RBA = (checkpoint position on Trail)-(Size of the Trail) + (RBA of the First record on next trail after the restart abended)

Procedure to get info about " (RBA of the First record on next trail after the restart abended)" 
GGSCI (tnc63) 39> sh ls -ltr /opt/app/oval007p/ggs/trails/af*
-rw-r-----    1 ggs01    ggsoper   119194872 Apr 09 14:51 /opt/app/ggs/trails/af000047
-rw-r-----    1 ggs01    ggsoper     1980582   Apr 09 16:46 /opt/app/ggs/trails/af000048

logdump> open /opt/app/ggs/trails/af000048
logdump> ghdr on
logdump> detail data
logdump> pos 0
logdump> n
2016/04/09 14:51:34.054.664 RestartAbend         Len     0 RBA 1128
After  Image:                                             Partition 0   G  s

Hdr-Ind    :     E  (x45)     Partition  :     .  (x04)
UndoFlag   :     .  (x00)     BeforeAfter:     A  (x41)
RecLength  :   345  (x0159)   IO Time    : 2016/04/09 13:50:29.987.473
IOType     :     5  (x05)     OrigNode   :   255  (xff)
TransInd   :     .  (x03)     FormatType :     R  (x52)
SyskeyLen  :     0  (x00)     Incomplete :     .  (x00)
AuditRBA   :     173237       AuditPos   : 165583888
Continued  :     N  (x00)     RecCount   :     1  (x01)
2016/04/09 13:50:29.987.473 Insert               Len   345 RBA 1190

RBA= 119195676 - 119194872  + 1190 = 1994 

Now Alter replicat with n+1 seq number and RBA 
ggsci> alter repone, extseqno 48 extrba 1994
ggsci> start repone

Nikhil Tatineni,

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ERROR OGG-01755 Cannot register or unregister EXTRACT

Encountered following Error while registering integrated extract with database 
ERROR OGG-01755 Cannot register or unregister EXTRACT extcbn because of the following SQL error: OCI Error retrieving bind info for query (status = 100). See Extract user privileges in the Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Installation and Setup Guide

Root Cause as follows
Server crash, rebooted, OGG or database is not shutdown cleanly, the Integrated Extract is left in an indeterminate state

Unregister Extract Manually from database as follows
SQL> exec DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.REMOVE_QUEUE(queue_name => 'GGMINING.OGG$Q_MYEXTRACT', cascade => true, drop_unused_queue_table => true);

If the above works correctly, execute these selects to check.
SQL> select * from SYS.XSTREAM$_SERVER;
Make sure you don't see anything to do with this extract

I got this whole information from METALINK, we have to replace "MYEXTRACT" with your Extract Name

---Nikhil Tatineni---
---Oracle In Memory---